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Get your T-Com bill via e-mail. It is safe and efficient.

Activate the service!
From the moment you activate the service, your T-Com bills will arrive exclusively to the e-mail address you used in the activation process.
With activation, you accept the Terms of Use of our E-bill service. You can find the link for the Terms of Use at the bottom of this page.

Activation can be done in several ways; you choose the one you find the most efficient:

  • Web site

    Aktivirajte Elektronski račun

    You can activate the E-bill service at our website www.telekom.me, at My Phone portal.
    At the same web page, you can also change your e-mail address to which you’ll get your monthly bills. You can change this address once a month.

  • SMS –if you are a T-Mobile postpaid user
    Send an SMS (with spaces): ERFIX PRIJAVA XXXXXXXXX your e-mail address to 1477. (XXXXXXXXX is your landline number)
    For example: ERFIX PRIJAVA 020123456 peterpeterson@t-com.me. Of course, this service works with other e-mail providers – you can give your Gmail, yahoo or any other e-mail address.

    Changing your e-mail address: If you wish to change the e-mail address to which you can get your monthly bills, send an SMS: ERFIX PROMJENA XXXXXXXXX new e-mail address to 1477. You can change your e-mail address once a month.

  • T-Centar
    You can activate the service and make all the changes at our T-Center.

Reminder: SMS INFO
To check (or to remind yourself) which e-mail address gets your bills, send an SMS: ERFIX INFO xxxxxxxxx to 1477. The desired feedback will be instantaneous.

If there is any reason why you do not want to get your bills via e-mail, deactivate the e-bill service. Send ERFIX ODJAVA xxxxxxxxx to 1477 and your bills will start coming to your home address once again.

Terms of Use of E-bill.