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Mobile e-Mail

You’ve got mail!

E-mail on you telephone! With Mobile e-mail, you get SMS notifications about your new e-mails. Following the link from the SMS, you can check and read your incoming e-mails on your mobile phone.
This service allows you to have a personal e-mail account in the form of or for Pleme. Instead of your phone number, you can use an alias (for example: you name, surname, or anything you want). It is a complete e-mail solution: address, nice web interface, storage. It also has anti-spam and antivirus protection.

Activate the service!

Register your e-mail account: send an SMS: ME AKTIVACIJA to 1477. To register your alias, send ME ALIAS your alias to the same number.
When you register your alias, both accounts are active, both in the form of your number and your alias (one Inbox). However, this matter requires additional attention…

One more thing about your alias

After you register your alias, you’ll get all the e-mails sent to your alias-address. But, to send e-mails from this address, you need to make another setting. Go to “Personal Settings” and in the field “Identities” enter your alias.


You can also set your e-mail account to send SMS notifications about e-mails from other providers: t-com, gmail and gmx.

Settings: step by step

In your t-com account, go to “Personal Settings”, then in “Accounts-mail forwarding” and here you:

  • click ’Forward to e-mail address’ (enter the e-mail address in the following format: ) ,
  • then check (tick) ’Leave a copy of forwarded mail’,
  • then click “Update”

In your gmail account, in Settings:

  • in “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”, activate ’Forward a copy of incoming mail to’ and then enter your address.
  • in option “IMAP access status”, activate “Enable IMAP”.

POP 3 client settings

Set it on your phone! Click “Settings” in “New Message” and choose “e-mail”. Then, define mailbox: enter your address and password. Then, without defining security, in ’Incoming mail server’ and ’Outgoing mail server’ enter the same address
Also, you can arrange that you do not get an SMS for all e-mails, but only for the ones you choose. You can do this in your t-mobile account (at Go to Personal Settings/Filter, click on ’New Filter’ and enter the appropriate parameters and tick SMS notification.

Log in

At the end (or at the beginning), access addresses are and for Pleme users. When you log in, in the field “Username” always enter your account name in the form of your phone number; you cannot use your alias to log in.

Password change

You can change your password through Personal Settings/Account.
Activation of T-Mobile e-mail account, as well as alias registration or password change can also be done at our web page, at My T-Mobile portal; also in T-Centers.
At the web version of this service, there is a link for assistance with detailed explanations and all the settings.