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GPS vehicle tracking

A convenient and simple way to always have an insight into your situation on the road.

GPS vehicle tracking service allows you:

  • To know the exact position and status of all your company’s vehicles any given moment: current location, direction, speed, millage, driving and parking duration, time of any event;
  • Real-time tracking of great number of vehicles;
  • Distance calculation;
  • To view driving history by date and hours.

All the routes in Montenegro, Serbia and the rest of Europe are covered by digital maps.

Vehicle information is transferred by GPS system, mobile network (GSM/GPRS) and Internet.

Your reliable partner

GPS vehicle tracking is an ideal service for business users who wish to increase security and vehicle control, making their business more efficient.


We offer you:

  • GPS devices that support SMS/GPRS communication;
  • Web application for tracking vehicle movement and current location in real time on detailed digital maps.

Our tracking device is installed in the vehicle and then data is exchanged between the vehicle and the control center.

You’ll always have:

  • Precise information about arrival and departure to and from a certain location;
  • A complete history of the vehicles’ movement;
  • Warnings and notifications (for example, if a vehicle leaves T-Mobile CG, or if the speed of the vehicle is inappropriate…).

The offer includes training of operators to use our software package.


GPS vehicle tracking

The monthly initial price includes: a GPS device, installation and a SIM card - €5.92

Monthly subscription: €8.50

Prices include VAT.

The service has a fixed monthly subscription. The subscription includes SMS and GPRS traffic* in Montenegro, as well as web application maintenance.

Expenses in roaming are not included in the monthly subscription and are charged extra.

Roaming service needs to be activated. You’ll have ‘My World’ service thanks to which you can have one price for all GPRS traffic made in roaming.

You can pay the initial price in a single payment or in 10 monthly installments.

*Fair Use Policy applies: 2GB of GPRS traffic and 1000 SMS messages in T-Mobile CG.