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Extra Trio

Extra Trio Mini, 20.29 €
 trio tv  trio adsl  trio fiksni

Extra TV Mini
(39 channels from the region)

Speed: 1Mbps
Traffic: 1GB
Comfort night
(unlimited calls in Telekom fixed network 19h-7h and 100 free minutes to Telekom mobile numbers)

Extra Trio Start, 38.59 €
 trio tv  trio adsl  trio fiksni

Extra TV Start
(basic package with 65 channels)

Speed: 4Mbps
Traffic: Unlimited
Comfort package
(unlimited calls in Telekom fixed network)

Extra Trio Maxi, 45.90 €
 trio tv  trio adsl  trio fiksni

Extra TV Maxi
(basic package with 65 channels + HBO, HBO Premium, Arenasport, Cartoons, Plus, Pink)

Speed: 8Mbps
Traffic: Unlimited
Comfort package
(unlimited calls in Telekom fixed network)

Establishing subscriber relation

You can install Extra Trio yourself thus avoid paying the installation fee. The procedure is simple and we will help you. Check the instructions. If you choose the Do-It-Yourself option, the price of equipment is:


Contract termination during the minimum period of contract duration

If the customer terminates the contract during the minimum period of validity, the customer will pay the subscriptions until the expiry of the minimum period, return the equipment and pay the remaining installments for lease of equipment (including the installation fee, if it had not been already paid). The customer keeps the fixed telephone, with the Standard package that is paid at the standard price. In case the customer established a PSTN subscriber relation by signing the contract for Extra Trio, the customer is obliged when terminating the Extra Trio contract to also sign a Request for keeping the fixed line, if the customer wishes to keep it.

Fair usage policy for ADSL applies, as well as the Fair usage policy for Comfort packages(Fair usage policy)