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New WebMax

Our new WebMax brings a significantly improved level of protection of our Internet users, protection from various abuses, even from so called unwanted e-mails (spam). All the messages that our anti-spam system recognizes as spam are automatically put into Spam folder.

A much more efficient anti-spam detection is based on extremely intelligent protection mechanisms at T-Com’s servers. Also, our users will be able to “teach” their mailboxes easily to recognize spam e-mails.

With an increased level of security, our new WebMax is a lot faster and has a bigger storage than before, with an option to provide various advanced services. It can be used with the latest mail platforms. Following the latest trends, it is designed for users of fast Internet, in the first place.

After you log in, you can find more information on functions and using of your web-mail at the Help link.


New WebMax offers our users anti-spam protection for both incoming and outgoing mail. Anti-spam for the incoming mail protects users from receiving a large number of unwanted messages, as well as from potentially dangerous messages. New WebMax has an anti-spam mechanism which works for each user’s mailbox, which means that users can decide whether a message is unwanted or not.

Outgoing anti-spam mechanism prevents Telekom’s users from “spamming” other people’s accounts, users of different providers, for example. This protection enables a decrease of spam mail in the world, ensuring a high percentage of delivered e-mails.

Password change

SYou can change your password at our users’ My T-Com portal.